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Do i really need to see a 30 second ad every ten seconds?

Too many ads

This game can be fun if there were not an ad every 10 seconds.


i stay up all night long play jk i dont but its that good


It’s a poorly made game, there’s no real rewards for leveling up at any point. I’d advise against getting the game unless you want to pay $3 to actually be able to play the game otherwise you’ll be spending more time watching ads than you will playing the actual game itself. Overall not worth the time I spent on the game.


This game is so relaxing it’s just like plane merger but way better plane merger (cough cough)the money making noise gets annoying sometimes or you can just turn your phone or tablet Down JUST SO RELAXING

Great app

Great app

Good game, bad execution!

Way way way too many ads, but to me that’s not the worst part. When purchasing cars from the inventory the price goes up with each purchase. It literally becomes nearly impossible to keep upgrading. Cut the cost of purchasing cars, and the game is what it is.

Way too many ads

To start this game was really fun! But as I started playing it, they were way too many ads! Seems like anytime you did anything you had to watch an ad. I understand the developers need adds to make money, but in playing it for five minutes I watched 10 apps. That’s just excessive.

Good game

5 stares


The game is enjoyable but you spend more time watching ads than actually playing the game


Couldn’t enjoy the game because every 10secs there’s an ad

Only fun on airplane mode

I like this game but there are WAY too many ads. You can’t really even play because the ad interruptions. I always put my phone on airplane mode to play so there are no ads. It’s annoying then because I don’t get my text messages.

Game is great, one glitch... and how to avoid adds (;

The game content is great, other comments say the price to buy cars (virtual currency) adds up. It really doesn’t. The prices go up when ever you make a purchase. Example, a car costs 7 what ever the green/orange rectangles are called. You buy it, to buy another costs 8. It will be more complicated than 9 10 11. Say, 2.3k goes to 2.5k, but by the time the same car costs that much, you will be making rectangular colors much faster. You also get these box thingys that appear a few times a minute, at first it only gives you a level one car, but if you have say a level 10 car after playing the game for a few minutes, you will most likely NEVER see a level 1 car, you will get higher level cars from the boxes, like 4s, 5s, and 6s. The one glitch I know of is the game crashes. When it crashes you can loose massive amounts of progress. You come on normally, say you play for 30 minutes. Then the game crashes. When you open the game back up you are in the same place you were in 30 minutes ago. You can close the game yourself to “save” your progress, but, I doubt that is the intention of the game, and you will not always remember. If an auto saver could be added to the game, it could be put on a timer that goes off every minute, it could be a button, it could save when ever you open up the menu, JUST ADD A WAY TO SAVE. The way to make the game better without adds. Turn off your WiFi, or buy premium. If you turn off your WiFi, at some point an add will still come up, it being a pop up add, or from you watching it for a video booster. The game loads one add in advance I guess, but after that no more adds until you turn off your WiFi :D

Too many ads

You should change the name of the game to advertisement watcher cause you spend more time watching ads then you do playing the game

Horribly madness

Bit of a bad game to me

I love the game, but it needs more...

So, ive been playing this game for a lil while, and its saying im #941 today out of lifetime. I honestly dont believe im that far but anyways... i am just about to go crazy with a couple parts of this. This game is Highly Addictive, and easy enough that my 3yr old can play it. The biggest problem right now are there arent any challenges... and the highest car i can buy is a 26, so while I am here in the 100 trillions, i spend 300 trillion just getting another #30 car. I currently have 7 30’s a 27 a 25 and 24 on my track sofar. Only reason i have the 24&25 is due to the free car for watching an ad. I would do an update where it doesnt clean out the game and start it all over. This game needs to be linked to an account somehow to where you can save it and be able to play on a different device. Also, you need more money in the piggys, and more piggys in total... I have also found that when I leave my phone on and let it play, i may about 3 trillion a night at least, and thats in a matter of 3-5 hrs(i really dont sleep cause of this game, its really that addicting). I turn it off during the day cause im usually jampacked until the kids go to bed, so while it’s off I only earn like 300 billion. That is a huge difference comparing to the point its offline more than online and it doesnt collect not even 25% of what you would make online. That is a huge need to fix issue.... so heres what ya need to fix to break it down... 1. more piggys 2. More offline bux 3. Needs challenges 4. Needs a username or account or SOMETHING so i can play on my other phone. 5. CARS NEED UNLOCKED PAST 26! 6. It could use a few more maps cause im about finished to the max with both maps. All in all it is really a great game, but im really sick of buying the number 26 car. It now cost 40,058T Oh and it would be nice to not have as many ad’s. Especially when u switch maps and go to buy cars... these are just too much. I have killed my phone on the aps, and honestly im not too happy abt it cause 1 phone already had to go bye bye cause it crashed due to too many ad’s...

To many ad videos

You can’t go more than 30 seconds without and ad popping up

So so

To many adds


Too many ads but it’s ok

Way too many ads

This game would be fun if ads didn’t pop up every time you try to purchase a new car or click anything on your screen while playing the game. Ads are usually ok with me but this game has WAY too many of them-to the point where you cannot even enjoy playing the game.


Super fun game but more cars need to be added ASAP!!


Wall you have to do is turn your WiFi and cellular data off and wala! The game is ad free! This works on every ad filled game. Your welcome 🙃


I understand you make money off of adds but really there’s too many. What do you need all that money for.


It is a decent game but it crashes a lot and the cost of cars increases to fast

Money hungry

Real simple concept, ads make gameplay insufferable


I spent the money to stop the ads. AND EVERYTHING I CLICK ON SHOWS AN AD. DO NOT BUY! SCAM! UPDATE: now the game crashes when i try to play. I deleted the app and reinstalled and the game started from the beginning. PURE GARBAGE! FLUSH!!! DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME AND MONEY!


It’s the best game

Love this but terrible AD-mosphere.

This game is amazing and I personally love it. It has a ton a potential to become one of the greats (ping pong king, flappy bird, etc.). But the ads, they’re too much man. I understand a few here and there but not every other time I open the menu.

I love it 😍😍😍🚘🚙🚎

It Kept me up all night and that’s why I like it keep Making more games like this

Please update

I love the game and the concept but I need to get more cars, I have 5 level 30 cars and it’s starting to cost me incredible amounts of money to buy a single car. Please update with more cars soon

Starts off great

Starts off cool but then by the time you hit level 5 you can’t go 15 seconds without an ad. You start spending as much time in game as you spend watching ads.


Way to many ads. There’s one every 5 seconds


This game could be great but. I personally get a add about every 20 seconds


This game is a complete mess. Every button I press is an ad. Every minute passed is an add. I press the no ads button, and... ANOTHER AD! And it’s not just this game, this developer has so many copy-paste games using the same mechanics. Most importantly, they all have these types of forced ads. I tried to turn off my WiFi signal, but it just crashes the game. Also, if you look at all the reviews, they are all 1 star. But none of the typed reviews gave it 5 stars. Yet, you look and there are TONS of 5 star reviews, with no actual feedback on the game. Seems fishy, doesn’t it. I may be wrong, but, I think the developer may be using bots to rate the game.

Ads, Ads, and more Ads

All this game is about is showing you Ads for other apps that this same company makes. Not and enjoyable experience to say the least.

Addictive but gets frustrating

At first I loved the game and couldn’t stop playing it. But the farther you get in the game, the more everything costs which makes it just become absolutely boring and takes up space on your device. If you want to have fun for a day or two, I think this is the game for you.

Good game but too many ads

This game has too many adds and it bugs a lot!

To many adds

There’s way too many ads me personally I would not recommend it


Seems interesting but ads play automatically and are distracting.


Please take some of the adds out every click I do it’s a friking add


You ugly get a life

Good game but ads

I would give this a 4 star but because of the ads no. Every time you open up the menu the is a ad. A few ads here and there ore ok. But this game there is a ad everywhere you turn.

Too many ads

There were way to many ads , which caused me to delete the app, i won’t be downloading it any time soon.

It’s a good game but needs Some improvement

It’s A Really good Game but the problem is that when you want to buy like Cars There’s a Ad and It’s Really Annoying! 😡😡Please fix this I really like this game so Please Fix this game

Need more cars!

Fun little game but needs to be updated. I have 11 level 30 cars on each track so I am maxed out. Definitely need to buy the no adds to make this game playable.

Cool, but ads, ads, ads.

I like this game! I like the idea about how you merge cars and put them on a racetrack. I’m addicted to this game! -Me and Other People Let’s get this straight. People care about how a game works and STRICTLY on how the ads are. The skip feature is great. But otherwise whenever buying a car (besides 1) you are greeted by an ad. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. Now of course I hate this. Everybody knows there is a solution. And in case there is one in the app too! Airplane mode, or no WiFi. As simple as it is, it works! Just turn it on to avoid ads. BUT in that case that will lose making your track go 2x speed OR get discounts on cars/getting a chance to upgrade it with the same price. Voodoo, get your act straight, as for my opinion. I may be a young gamer, but I am a critic.

No stars...

I understand pay to remove ads... but the amount of ads on the free to play version is ridiculous. Bad.

Bombarded with ads

If u have an ad pop up every time I wanna buy a car then you need to do something new with your game. Like actually make a good game you can make some money off of

It’s great but the ads!!

The game is great and all but if you aren’t willing to pay $3 ($2.99 to be exact), the ads just keep comin’. It drives me SANE!!!!!!

Car merger

Great game, it’s not to much of a challenge and it is entertaining for hours at a time.

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