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I would of gave 5 stars if it worked better but most of the time if doesn’t give you the 2x when you watch a Ad and you have to watch a Ad ever time you go to buy a new car. But besides that it’s a fun game to play but the max car lvl is 30 so I have that unlocked so there not much more for me to do now so am hoping for more cars soon but it has fun game just need a few bugs worked out

Stop the crashing

It crashes as soon as I open the app. It’s addicting but I get mad when it crashes. Other than that I love it

Constant Crashes

Game is very fun, but as soon as you get into it, the game crashes and everything you had been doing is lost.


Why I gave this game four stars you ask? It’s because of this glitch when you merge a certain type of car, then it crashes. If this is fixed, I will update my review.

Terrible Game

This game would be ok if there were no ads, but when I tried to play, it would run for a small period of time before it started to lag and then the application suddenly closed. When I went back on the app I had to restart. This game is also made by a cash hungry developer. I bought to no ads purchase and I got double the amount of ads, all of them not being able to be skipped. This game was a waste of time and nobody should download it.

Fun Game... but it needs some work

This game is fun and addictive and I have seen other people complain about adds, those weren’t really a problem for me. I didn’t get them that often. What I had a problem with was the cars. It seemed like the more cars you bought, the more expensive the cars became. This makes it really hard to progress in the game. All in all it is a fun game if you’re willing to put some time into it.

Good game

Awesome game I have a level 6 car

Needs more cars

It's a fun addicting game but when you get to the last car level all the slots fill with the last car and it gets pointless.


This game is very addictive but there are way to many ads


Legit game hits u with an ad every 20 seconds

Fun game, Fix freezing!

Great game but my game tends to freeze up and lag a lot and sometimes the ads for bonuses dont play. Please look into this! MAYBE CONSIDER ADDING A NEW MAP OR TRACK SO ITS NOT THE SAME TRACK OVER AND OVER AGAIN. ONLY PUTTING ALL CAPS TO GET YALLS ATTENTION MAYBE CONSIDER IT! :)

Needs some work

I can deal with the ads - but the thing that irks me is the coins. I just made a billion coins in the same but it says 1M instead of 1B. Another example, it says I made 18k when I really made 180M. This is really confusing and I hope it gets fixed.

This app is awesome

I’m lovin this app😜


It is a really good game though a few less advertisements. So it can have ads unless payed, but just less


I was nearing the max car and all of a sudden poof ! The entirety of my progress was wiped overnight, great way to kill time but loves to seemingly kill progress. It’s a shame

Good game yet still terrible

In all honesty I am addicted to this game. I broke my back a few weeks ago so I've had a lot of time to play. There are two down sides to this game. One being the ads, it is so ridiculous and annoying. But that's not even the worse part. After playing for. Few minutes and upgrading a lot of cars and sitting through a TON of ads, the game glitches out, closes out, and looses ALL of the progress that was just gained. It's frustrating and should be fixed. ESPECIALLY if you are going to make us suffer through thousands of ads!

Freezes constantly

I can rarely get the ads to work to give me double boost or a free car. Whenever I watch an ad, the entire game freezes and can’t recover until you reboot. On an iPhone X...

Beyond the normal amount of ads!!!

This game would be fun if you weren’t bombarded with ads every 30 seconds. Just tapping the screen produces an ad.

Fun game but too many ads

Way too many ads

It crashes and makes you start again

The game is somewhat fun but it crashes and then you have to start over

Car merger

It is fun at first but it gets more boring and slower and every 30 40 seconds a add comes up but over all the game is ok and time consuming if you are bored

Absolute garbage money grabbing game

The game itself is just like any other “5 minutes to make games” that plague the App Store. If you put the game aside it’s nothing special, just another stupid time waster game that you’ll delete in about a month. However, just like any other free to play game out there, this game has ads. But it doesn’t just have ads. It is plagued with ads. It is filled with ads. And it is made with ads. Literally every 3 minutes, there’s a video ad you gotta watch and that’s if you don’t press any buttons. It’s impossible to grind because there’s a guarantee of an ad popping up when you press the car menu. The game would be fun if it weren’t for the stupid ads, and there’s no way I’m giving this garbage company my money to remove these ads. I deleted the day after I got the game. It’s bad, voodoo has some better games if you’re into this stuff.

How to get rid of adds

Put your device on airplane mode and that should get rid of all the adds

Unable to buy car 27+ cars

I have ten 30 cars, how will I be able to to have more cars

Too many ADS

I’ve been playing this game for weeks now and almost every second of the game an ad pops up. Also, the restore purchases button DOESN’T WORK. All I’m really want fixed are the ads TOO MANY OF THEM.

Waste of time

Won’t give me cars after watching ad videos

A million ads

Was fun but they are really over kill on the ads. Every time you click something watch an ad, not clicking something? Then let’s redirect you to download another app! Holy cow

Too many ads

There are too many ads even for basic functionality for the game, such as trying to get higher level cars. It gives you an option to get 2x money by watching an ad, even when I don’t want to watch an ad, I get one anyway. It makes me so mad.

Solitaire Tri Peak

The advertisement keeps causing the game to freeze ... Very frustrating! Fix or lose the ad or I'm gone!!

This game is fundamentally broken

Unless you buy the ad-free version for $3, you will be relentlessly bombarded with 30-second ads every minute or so (if you’re lucky). If you happen to be masochistic enough to CHOOSE to run an ad (to Double your idle earnings, level up a purchased car, or double the speed of your vehicles), the app routinely ignores that you’ve watched an ad, and provides no benefit for wasting upwards of 60 seconds of your time. This is a money grab, and a poorly veiled one at that. App deleted.

Fun but the game NEEDS IMPROVEMENT !!!!

After every ad I watch to boost or double coins my game freezes and I can’t do nothing about it. Even if I force quit the app and reopen I haven’t received my reward for watching the video and it’s now just a waste of time.

Spam more ads, they are more fun than this game.



The game seemed fun so I got it. But all the game does is keep crashing.


Just to start off to many adds and not to mention anytime you watch an add the game freezes.this game has to be the most laggy and freezing game I’ve ever played 😡


You watch an ad to get a free car or get the multiplier but it only works sometimes.

ITS fun

If u want no ads turn on airplane mode XD if u don’t have internet it can’t give u ads

I like it but

IT CRASHES TOO MUCH! Why but then yey ok I’m going now by

Nobody has a point

Don’t mind the ads

Fun game but there's 1 problem

I have a lot of fun on this app. 1 thing that makes me mad about it is that there are way to much ads. Everytime I go to the store an ad comes up, and it gets really annoying. I can understand ads for doubling cash and getting cars, but if there's an ad everytime I open the shop, then it gets to the point where you want to throw you phone on a very soft pillow.



Fun, but a little annoying

I don’t find the ads very annoying, because I got used to it from merge gems and idle balls. It’s still very fun though!


Too many glitches


I love the game really fun at first but as you level up the more ads you get , when you open up the car menu there’s an ad almost every time . Even when you level up you get an ad like c’mon , you shouldn’t have to wait for a stupid video for you to level up . Then when I do watch an ad to upgrade a car , the game would freeze . Like seriously ? Wow !


After IOS update 11.3 app crashes every 30-45 seconds! I’m addicted pls fix it ASAP!

Its cool

It’s so addictive

Fun, and annoying at the same time.

The ads are far too frequent, and sometimes, they won't go away, even after tapping the X. Still fun watching your cars make big $$$ doing laps. Original iPad Mini user here. 3 stars, until you can fix the ad-closing issue.

Too many adds

Way to many adds


Too much


Too many ads!

App to App Store

I’m not sure if it happens to just me but I get on to Car Merger and suddenly it goes to the App Store and I have to get back on to the game and it stresses me out and it takes me 2-3 tries and then I get to relax with the game. But Car Merger is still really fun and my brother suggested this app to me.

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