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So adickting it is sooooooo fun


Love how you bombard us with commercials in an attempt to pay for no commercials. But 2.99 is a bit much to pay for no commercials on a very limited game.


It wuz gud

Bad all around

Gameplay gets old after 10 minutes, ads are never ending and occur roughly every minute making it unplayable. Somehow they managed to mess up a tap-to-play game which before this day I thought was impossible

For car merger creator

Your cars are amazing plz upgrade the yellow stock car plz

Decent game

It’s a really fun game. I’m guessing they toned down some of the ads because they’re not too bad. It’s a little glitchy, meaning that the game doesn’t run very smoothly. It’s freezing for half a second a good bit, tbh. I gave four stars but it’s honestly at about three and a half as it stands.

Ads ruin the game

It’s a fun game but I get an ad every 5 seconds.


Great if you fidget

Good but not good.

This game is not as fun as it looks like. It has way too many adds. It’s fun to merge the cars for about 1 hour. It lags a lot to. I saw it and looked happy, turns out it’s one of those trashy games.

Starts good

Starts fun. Maybe 2 hours worth of a game. Then anything you want to do requires an ad. I don’t normally complain about ads, but I had to watch an ad to even open the game. In the game there should be an option to buy a car other than #1, instead you are forced to watch an ad to get to a menu to buy other cars. You get to a point where that button is completely useless. So again, to do anything you have to watch an ad.

Stop the ads

Every two second there’s ads, everytime you click to go to the menu, which happens very often, ads. Eventually a glitch happened where everytime I would touch the screen it would take me to the App Store, even when I was just clicking on a car. That was the last straw and I deleted it. Ads are necessary to keep the game free, I get that. But I’ve never seen even close to this many ads in a game before. If you do buy this airplane mode is a must.

Soo good

This is so good, I love it.


It’s fun

Ads are insane

Game is fun I mean to just mess around with but the ads are so annoying every 5 taps on the game you get a new ad which is insane and I feel like I understand it makes them money but the ads are to the point where I feel you are watching more ads then playing the game

Love the app, get it

I’m in love with the game. It is so addictive, me and my friend had the game for about one year and I think it is awesome. Even though there are adds it runs good and it is one of the most interesting WiFi and free game I’ve ever played. There are some things that need to be more improved like they should add some music to get it more fun because I play it a lot but after a wile it gets boring.

The newest best merge game

Omg this game is so addicting I stayed up all night

Great game but...

This I a very addictive game point less but addicting even tho all you do is upgrade cars, I have no problem with the game but it keeps crashing when ever it crashes it makes the sound (music) really disoriented and staticky. Can you please fix this!



Could be fun

Could be fun. Way too many adds. There are other merge games I can play ad free without paying for the game.

Anonymous Person

It keep’s me up all night!

Ads much?

Wayyy too many ads, 2/3s of the game is Ad,ad ad!

Very annoying ads

You will spend more time looking at ads than playing the game

More ads than playing the game

You spend more time watching ads that are forced onto you in addition to the banner ads on the screen 24/7. Would be a fun game if I actually got to play a version without the gameplay being a skip ad simulator. (Yeah I know it’s a free game and you have to put in ads for some sort of income but there’s literally more time in ads than there is in playing the game).

Good Game but to Much Ads

The game is ok but the real problem is that there are ALOT of ads. When I try to upgrade my car there is always a ad. I’m pretty sure that I have spent more time watching ads on the game than actually playing it. I do NOT RECOMMEND downloading this game. Game Developer please reaspond.

Too many ads

I just got the game and played for five minutes and already had seen ten ads.


Are you looking for lots of ads and very little gameplay? Then your search ends here!! Finally we can watch ad after ad without having to worry about playing games!

Too many ads

There’s a happy medium with ads ... enough to keep it free, not enough to upset your users. This game has the peddle to the metal with ads!

Fun at the start

Well you can get rid of ads by turning on airplane mode and it is fun at first but it is hard getting cash after the 20th car or so. Then it just gets repulsive


How can such a simple game be such a addicting one! 5⭐️!!!

Great game love it

Love game is great but to many ads

Good job

I like this game a lot it’s like merge gems but cars. It’s pretty Addicting but there’s one thing: Ads, but they add it into games because it makes more money 💰, I’m pretty sure...


This game is fun and addicting but the ads destroy the game I literally watched a ad for a boost and then a ad pops up and I have to wait while my boost keeps going down because of all the ads.

Ads, and Ads, and Ads - Ugh my!

Love the game - but over never had a game load a new ad EVERY time I level up. It’s a punishment. But if you can survive the ads - game is super fun.

Way too many ads.

I’ve only been playing this game for about 10 minutes, and there is literally an ad every 30 seconds. (I counted) Ridiculous. I will be deleting this game.

Way too many ads

Complete waste of time! This isn’t a game. It’s an ad distribution platform. The only thing you can do without having to watch an ad is merge two same level cars. You can’t even level up without getting hit with an ad in the free version. The only clear objective in the game is to get to another ad for the makers to make money. I pay for games to be ad free but with so many it isn’t clear if there anything to do in this game without them. It’s not even clear what ad free means in a game like this. I’m sure even in the paid version you would still get ads for the speed bonus and maybe for the “free” upgrades.

More cars

One reaches the top car pretty easily so you MUST bring more cars

Ads + Ads = Delete

Mindless app fun for passing time. But ads are ridiculous. Deleted.

Good game yet still terrible

In all honesty I am addicted to this game. I broke my back a few weeks ago so I've had a lot of time to play. There are two down sides to this game. One being the ads, it is so ridiculous and annoying. But that's not even the worse part. After playing for. Few minutes and upgrading a lot of cars and sitting through a TON of ads, the game glitches out, closes out, and looses ALL of the progress that was just gained. It's frustrating and should be fixed. ESPECIALLY if you are going to make us suffer through thousands of ads!

How old are cuteno walls are cute

Mini games minigame a REEscetyhhhhh


I’m getting ads every 5 seconds this absolutely stupid I really liked it at first but having ads rapidly thrown at you is too much.


I couldnt play the game for more than a day. It seemed like i was watching more ads then i was actually in the game if i could put zero start i would

Now what

I reached car 30, now I have 2 of them but they will not merge to make car 31? Please add content

No way to submit feedback in-game.

So I'll just write it here. The 10% discount doesn't work. It lets you watch the video, it even shows the price at 10% off, but you can't purchase it without having enough to pay full price, and when you do it charges you full price, despite the pricetag showing the 10% off price.



Don’t get it

There’s not much you can do on the game but when there is something you have to watch an ad every time before you can do anything greedy trash.

Update needed past level 30

So I’ve updated all possible cars in the lane to the max level (30) and I cant merge them anymore. You should do something about it.

Insane amounts of ads

Was having fun with it, but couldn’t handle the nonstop deluge of advertising... deleted after 10 minutes.

Out of cars

I have 2 lvl 30 cars and can’t combine them are you guys done with this game 😔 I hope not I’m sooo addicted

To many ads

The game is awesome and is so fun but ads are taken to far with it, i can’t even buy the cars i want without getting a add every 30 seconds

False rewards

The car store occasionally offers a free car for agreeing to watch an ad, but in version 1.7, the free car is not awarded as promised. It might be an honest mistake, but if the developer doesn’t want their rating to plummet dramatically, it’s in their best interest to fix it. On top of that, the app will randomly force the user to watch an ad for a minimum of five seconds with each attempt to reopen the car store. It effectively distracts the mind at a time when it is extremely important not to — when the user has a problem, a solution and a plan, and is actively engaged in execution of that plan. The unexpected interruption causes the user to forget what he was doing. So the user closes the store to remind himself what he was in the middle of. Once he remembers and returns to the store, guess what, here comes another 5-second minimum ad.

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